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A leader becomes ill.

Or leaves unexpectedly.


What do you do?

Tailored solution

We embrace simplicity and transparency. No hidden cost, commitment to monthly subscriptions to maintain our monthly cash flow.

Sudden changes require swift actions and flexible solutions. interimHR offers a flexible interim leadership solution tailored to suit your requirements, challenges and needs, built on three simple elements;


Hire an interim leader on a full time basis for a defined period.

Alternatively, define a number of days or hours per week or month. This is optimal for smaller businesses or start-ups, which can’t carry a full time HR resource.

Or, hire on-demand access to leadership capabilities to spar with, to get an HR leadership perspective or advice.


Depending on the assignment, the presence of interimHR may be on-site, digital or a mix. interimHR applies collaboration tools to enable an aligned working process. Or your tools will apply.



Despite our brand name, we offer a variety of leadership categories;


  • HR leadership (go here for a specific list of activities)

  • General leadership (business operations)

  • Finance leadership

  • Quality Management support

  • Board support and board membership

  • Project management (management for hire)


Our focus


For interimHR, everything starts with the end-user – our clients and their needs and expectations. It is all about a customer-centric outside-in perspective, commercial focus and a holistic view.


Our only focus is to sustain your business continuity and client delivery.

The essential question for your company is what the competency gap may cause of tangible and intangible harm;

  • Loss of service delivery

  • A shortfall in clients expectations

  • Company or service reputation damages

  • Staff attrition

  • Other non-financial risks

  • Financial loss


The ROI analysis should provide an answer.

The fees for interim leadership is set in advance and interimHR carries no overhead cost.


Contact us!

Telephone:  +47 99 36 26 26

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